When a higher wear resistance is required and in specific applications, hardened steels will be used, for both cold and warm applications.

The most usual ones are:
  • 1.2083 X42 Cr 13
  • 1.2343 X37 Cr Mo V 5-1
  • 1.2344 X 40 Cr Mo V5-1
  • 1.2379 X 15 3 Cr Mo V12

When the abrasion is extreme, or there is a combination of high abrasion with corrosion the so called powder metallurgical steels will be used.

This type of steel is manufactured by powder metal technology, which allows to incorporate a high percentage of alloying elements. These steels are also hardened by quenching and are associated to patented trademarks which sometimes do not respond to a particular standard.

The commonly used with nomenclatura of Talleres Pena are:
  • TPPC 1959
  • TPP 358
  • TPP 461

Among others



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