Instalaciones Talleres PenaOUR WORK TEAM – OUR STRENGTH
100 people make up the highly qualified work team at Talleres Pena, S.L. Production (75), Technical Office and R&D (15), and Service Salespeople and Post Sales (10). The fact that all the production and refurbishment processes of our screws and cylinders are carried out at our plant means we have to keep up a high formation level amongst all the team, each one experts in technology such as CAD design in 3D and CAM applications; CNC machining and honing, thermal treatments, superficial treatments, bimetallic technology, follow-up and ensuring quality standards, etc… This is our team, highly trained and motivated. This is our strength.

Over 50.000 drawings carried out, documented and perfectly managed thanks to the bar code system makes up the base of our thecnical office’s knowledge. Together with the R&D office they are able to design and carry out the ideal screw geometry for the processing material following the client’s needs. Our office has five CAD/CAM stations specially for cutting, lathing, whirling and for controlling our Weingärtner machines, one of the most exclusive machines for this kind of works worldwide.


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