Talleres Pena - OrigenIn 1959, when we decided to set up the project which today is Talleres PENA, S.L., we only had a desire to work and our passion, machining.

Right from the beginning we were sure our products would be plastification screws and cylinders and during over half a century, we have been able to pass on to our collaborators our same interest and knowledge, today made up of a team of over 100 people in our company, our  family.

Some things have changed since then. Now things are managed differently and this is taken care off by the new generation who today are ate the head of our project. The things that have not changed are our vocation in giving good service and to be always willing to take on a new project or a new challenge.

Our first asset at Talleres PENA, S.L. are the people working here. The second is our knowledge accumulated over the years, our know how which together with the highest technology makes us the only company in the world able to make any kind of screw or technology without on relying thirds parties.

Bimetallic and nitrided cylinders, single screws, twin parallel screws, corrotating and counter-rotating screws or twin conical screws of any diameter, length and manufacturing technologies.

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