Technical Assistance

We provide Technical assistance in order to help with the assembly/dismantling of plastification units at customer site.
Dimensional control of plastification units at customer site or in our facilities.

Technical Department
Departamento técnico

Our technical department to take measurements of the plastification units, at customer site or in our facilities, as well as to give the best solution to the proposed problems.

Work Team / Facilities

100 people build the qualified team of Pena, distributed among Production, Technical Department and R&D, Commercial Services and Post-sales. The fact that the whole process of production and repair of our cylinders and screws is made entirely in our facilities, requires us to maintain a high level of training for all staff, each of them experts in technologies like 3D CAD design and CAM applications, CNC machining and grinding, thermal and surface treatments, bimetallic technology, follow-up and assurance of quality standards etc… Our strength is a highly trained and motivated team.

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